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Amazon employees who work full-time should always be available for overtime. While non-salary employees are paid for extra hours worked, salaried employees cannot be eligible for this additional pay. Amazon VET policy states that only full-time employees are allowed to work additional hours. Part-time employees cannot work beyond their shifts.

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No item is perfect, but the products featured ahead come pretty damn close. Finding a 4.9-star item that's genuinely deserving of its rating (aka isn't spammed with fake reviews) is a rare experience; trust us, we searched far and wide and to uncover them. We're no strangers to review sections peppered with scorned buyer's remorse rants - so, any product that receives this amount of collective praise is worth checking out. Ahead, our round-up of these elusive Amazon unicorns. (Better shop them now before Karen decides to go and knock it down to a 4.8.) Some things in this world seem too good to be true - like winning the mega millions lotto, meeting someone special who shares your disdain for cilantro, and finding an Amazon product with a five-star rating. There's always a catch: winning the lotto comes with a new tax-bracket adjustment, that special someone is probably cilantro-curious, and a five-star Amazon item is likely buying fraudulent reviews. But, finding genuine Amazon unicorns (i.e. products that receive almost universal praise from critics customers) isn't impossible. It just requires lowering your expectations by about 0.1 stars.

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